Story Making

Learn how to develop a consistent business story customized to buyer personas and their stage in the buying cycle.

How I Started My Podcast
How I started My Podcast
How I started My Podcast 366 222 Shlomi Ron

Are you hosting a podcast to show vs. tell your brand purpose? It’s no secret, in recent years podcasts have become a powerful channel to tell meaningful stories that engage audiences, while building brand, and opening opportunities. Interest in audio in general has been surging and further amplified during the pandemic with the Clubhouse craze…

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Cinematic Brand Videos
How to Create Cinematic Brand Videos?
How to Create Cinematic Brand Videos? 335 222 Shlomi Ron

“At the pure form, cinematic is approaching a project with the idea of thoughtfulness, with the resources, not just hey let’s point the camera on that thing, roll on it and move on. It’s setting up lights, building a scene, building a move, building a look – all these characteristics you see in a movie.“…

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What is a Minimalist Video?
What is a Minimalist Video?
What is a Minimalist Video? 366 222 Shlomi Ron

“Whether you do minimalist video or not, a great way to train your team to think creatively is to give them a defined sandbox to play. Because if you can come up with great ideas in a small sandbox, think how big they can make them when you expand the sandbox.“ -George Hammer, former Chief…

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What happens when form meets function?
What Happens when Form Meets Function?
What Happens when Form Meets Function? 366 222 Shlomi Ron

I bet you’ve already heard the statement “Form follows function” quite a lot in your career. This principle of design associated with late 19th and early 20th century architecture and industrial design in general, which states that the shape of a building or object should primarily relate to its intended function or purpose (Wikipedia). Now…

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A Story is Like...
A Story is Like…
A Story is Like… 366 222 Shlomi Ron

  Life is like a box of chocolates.You never know what you’re gonna get.”– Forrest Gump How do use comparisons in your visual storytelling? As a visual storyteller, one of your powerful communication tactics – you may even not realize – is comparing one aspect of your business to another aspect in a completely different…

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What is Virtual Sales Storytelling?
What is Virtual Sales Storytelling?
What is Virtual Sales Storytelling? 366 222 Shlomi Ron

The pandemic’s impact on the workplace in the past year has been radical. Check out the latest figures. The Future of Jobs Survey finds that 50% of employers will accelerate the automation of their work, while over 80% are set to expand the digitization of their work processes. Over 190 million lost jobs worldwide, 52%…

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What is virtual cinema?
What is Virtual Cinema?
What is Virtual Cinema? 366 222 Shlomi Ron

Can you guess what was COVID’s toll on movie theaters’ ticket sales in 2020? Nope! Guess much higher. Are you sitting down? Due to nationwide lockdowns, movie theaters have been closed, festivals have been cancelled or postponed, and film releases have been indefinitely rescheduled. The result: US Ticket sales plummeted 80% to $2.28 billion, from…

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What’s All The Fuss With NFTs?
What’s All The Fuss With NFTs? 366 222 Shlomi Ron

What are you thinking about all this NFT craze that’s all over the media these days? In the past few months we’ve all experienced a whirlwind of media coverage, mixed signals, hype vs. bubble alerts, and mostly dreams of a new generation of creators that crave a platform to share and monetize their digital art.…

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How to Use Visual Storytelling in Regional Marketing?
How to Use Visual Storytelling in Regional Marketing? 366 222 Shlomi Ron

Do you market your products globally? If so, how do you customize your visual storytelling strategy to local markets? I often talk with clients about the importance of adapting your visual story to your actual customer experience to maximize response. Makes sense, right? But you’d be surprised how easy it’s for a global brand to…

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What is food storytelling?
What is Food Storytelling?
What is Food Storytelling? 366 222 Shlomi Ron

I have always been intrigued by food storytelling. For one reason, I like to cook and in fact I am the chef in my house 🙂 I confess, I was also one of the many that in the past year got swept by the baking craze. I enjoy exploring variety of food genres from comfort…

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