Podcasting Turns 20!

Podcasting turns 20. Read full story and my practical tips.

Podcasting Turns 20!

Podcasting Turns 20! 366 222 Shlomi Ron

Did you know that February 2024 marked 20 years since podcasting broke into our lives?

Crazy isn’t it?

First, let’s demystify the common belief that because podcasting is typically audio (not always), is not part of visual storytelling.

The way I look at it, there is no requirement that you need to see stories with your naked eye to consider them as ‘visuals.’

Podcasting occupies the same space as radio did for eons – fondly called “the Theater of the Mind” as it allows listeners to mentally conjure visuals to the stories they tune in to.

Bird’s-eye view

After 20 years the future looks rosy for podcasting.

A recent PwC/IAB report projects that podcast ad revenue will more than double from 2022 to 2025 to about $4 billion.

Steady user growth and hot pockets of activity keep podcasting as a strong storytelling channel:

How did it start?

Initially, people called them “audio blogging” or “downloadable radio” but “podcasting” has stuck to reference the iPod. The mix of pod and broadcasting.

In a way podcasting, like YouTube and later TikTok democratized the ability for anyone to create their radio show and build their limelight and thought leadership center.

Show formats range from interviews, chat between two co-hosts, monologues, storytelling, theater, short bite-size tips, and more. Recorded or live. Audio or audio & video.

My podcast

To get a closer look, here is my podcast backstory.

Visual Storytelling Today podcast started in 2017 and is now ranked in the top 10 business storytelling podcasts.

I started the Visual Storytelling Today podcast back on March 15, 2017, as a way to spread the gospel of visual storytelling to a new generation of marketers.

Since then the show now ranks in the top 10 business storytelling podcasts.

Angle, value, persistence, and satisfaction – I’d say are the primary drivers that kept me going.

As for the show format, I record interviews.

From day one, I decided that since I focus on visual storytelling I would also record up to a 45-minute video show where guests can also demonstrate examples.

So in essence, the show is distributed in 3 ways, audiovideo, and a story you receive in this newsletter. Then these 3 assets get promoted across channels and people.

My audience is all about helping marketers, communicators, and entrepreneurs around the globe who look to apply effective visual storytelling practices to their ongoing marketing.

My content strategy to this day hasn’t changed.

In essence, the show is about helping leaders overcome the rising communication noise, exacerbated by misinformation answering these questions:

  • What is visual storytelling? Why now?
  • How to tell effective stories as part of my marketing?
  • What are the new tech trends that maximize my visual storytelling?

I am a great believer that in this day and age, it’s important to interview thought leaders not just within your industry but also relevant people outside your industry to get fresh perspectives.

This is where true innovation comes from. That’s why you’ll find guests from diverse backgrounds that manifest this unique programming strategy.

From visual storytellers using petsfoodphotographyfamily therapy, and cinema, to brand purpose, the metaverse, and AI.

My cadence is aiming for a monthly show. Yet, it depends if I find interesting guests that I think share tangible value with my audience.

Tech-wise, I record the show on Zoom (capturing both audio and video) using a Blue Yeti mic, and LumeCube light.

Production team? You’d think 🙂 I produce the entire show myself and keep learning from my mistakes while optimizing the process.

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Shlomi Ron

Shlomi Ron is the founder and CEO of the Visual Storytelling Institute, a Miami-based think tank with a mission to bring the gospel of visual storytelling from the world of art to more human-centric and purpose-driven marketing. A digital marketing veteran with over 20 years of experience working both on the agency and brand sides for Fortune 100/500 brands such as Nokia, IBM, and American Express. He started VSI to combine his marketing expertise with his passion for visual stories stemming from his interests in classic Italian cinema and managing the estate of video art pioneer, Buky Schwartz. At VSI, he helps brands rise above the communication noise through visual storytelling consulting, training, and thought leadership. Select clients include Estée Lauder, Microsoft, and Cable & Wireless – to name a few. He currently teaches Brand Storytelling at the University of Miami’s Business School. Thought leader and speaker at key marketing conferences. He is also the host of the Visual Storytelling Today podcast, which ranks in the top 10 best business storytelling podcasts on the Web. His book: Total Acuity: Tales with Marketing Morals to Help You Create Richer Visual Brand Stories. Outside work, he is a nascent bread baker, The Moth fan, and longtime fedora wearer likely to jive with his classic Italian cinema interest.

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