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Are you an academic program director in a communication or business school? Are you an executive director of a forward-thinking continuing education program? Great! Learn how you can unleash the power of visual storytelling to advance your students’ careers and drive community innovation!

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VSI is currently teaching a full-semester Brand Storytelling course at the University of Miami. The course for the Miami Business School covers the practice of Corporate Brand Storytelling. It is set up as a 14-week undergraduate course to train students for careers in the marketing communications field. The course explores how to develop an effective brand storytelling program that helps capture attention, build trust, emotional empathy and drive business results.

The course has been widely popular with over 45 students signing up each time and getting top reviews.

VSI team has taught a full-semester Visual Storytelling Xperience (VSX) at The Idea Center at Miami Dade College – one of the hottest innovation hubs in Miami.  Miami-Dade College is the largest university in the US, boasting 165,000 students!  VSX is an intensive course in visual storytelling, built around your product or service.

What former VSX students are saying:

Kirk Francis

Portrait Photographer | Artist
Kirk Francis, LLC

Lyndenise Berdecia

Founder & Chief Educator

Rafael Baldwin

Digital Media Storyteller
New World Symphony

Jorge Estrada

Senior Programming Operations & Production Manager
Galavision Networks

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Maximize business growth and learn actionable visual storytelling skills from the experts at the Visual Storytelling Institute

What you’ll learn:

  • Next generation marketing strategies: Maximize your message impact through visuals and corporate storytelling frameworks;

  • Visual content development: Convert your corporate story into a compelling video experience that will engage your audience to drive behavior change.

  • Competitive analysis: Know how to analyze the online competitive marketing landscape and identify the channels, tools, and marketing stories for better engagement;

  • Career Edge: Achieve a competitive advantage for your business or in getting your dream job in digital marketing & communications.