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Transform your marketing results with our visual storytelling workshops

Unleash the power of our 9-step MY VISUAL STORY framework:

Participants apply their products/services
to our framework and learn:


Learn how to develop a consistent Business Narrative customized to your buyer personas and their stage in the buying cycle.
Outcome: Business Narrative around your customer’s problem to set the WHY.


Learn how to transform your Business Narrative
into compelling visual stories (e.g., images, videos, etc.) to emotionally move your audience into action.
Outcome: High-impact visual story
about your product/service.


Learn how to effectively distribute your visual stories across channels and stages of your buyer’s journey to drive product/service adoption.
Outcome: Your visual story content marketing strategy.

Choose your training program:

Half or Full-Day Visual Storytelling Workshop

Help me tell, visualize and market my stories.

Visual Storytelling One-On-One Coaching

Help me tell, visualize and market my stories – extensive program.

Story Visualizing for Non-Designers

Help me visualize my stories on social media with simple tools.

Brand Narrative Workshop

Help me craft my brand narrtive and supporting stories.

All workshops are available both in-person and online for dispersed teams. For full-semester courses, check our Academic Programs. If you’re looking for professionally designed visual stories such as high-impact videos, business presentations and branded entertainment series, please check our full-stack Visual Storytelling Studio.

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What is visual storytelling?

“Visual Storytelling is a marketing strategy that leverages compelling narratives, placing your customer at the heart of the story, staged with an emotional visual media experience and effectively distributed across your buyer’s journey – in order to empower customers’ lives and drive business results.”

– Shlomi Ron
CEO, Visual Storytelling Institute

Client Testimonials

RTI International is a $1 billion independent, nonprofit research institute dedicated to improving the human condition.

Broward Cultural Division is a local arts agency, one of thousands across the U.S., providing financial, technical and marketing assistance to artists and arts organizations.

Maximize business growth and learn actionable visual storytelling skills from the experts at the Visual Storytelling Institute

What you will learn:

  • Maximize your message impact through visuals and corporate storytelling frameworks;

  • Know how to analyze the online competitive marketing landscape and identify the channels, tools, and marketing stories for better engagement;

  • Implement and execute effective visual storytelling strategies to produce business results;

  • Convert your corporate story into a compelling video narrative that will engage your audience to drive behavior change.