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With the rise of the communication noise affecting businesses of any size, the Visual Storytelling Institute (VSI) is the only visual marketing think tank that brings business leaders the power of visual storytelling, educating leaders on how to articulate, visualize and market better their business stories.

We do it through our Production Studio, corporate and academic training programs, featuring our signature My Visual Story 9-Step Framework and thought leadership programs.

My Visual Story Framework

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Getting the basics right

I am frustrated with my marketing strategy and looking for new ways to connect better with my audience.

What is visual storytelling? And why as a business leader should I care?

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Help me train my team, myself or students

I am ready to train my people with the power of visual storytelling. I am looking for a visual storytelling training program like a workshop for an upcoming private or public event.  Or I am an individual business owner and I am looking for a visual storytelling one-on-one coaching. Or I am an academic administrator looking for a visual storytelling workshop or full-semester course for my academic organization.

Can you provide more details about your training programs?

Learn more about our corporate and academic training programs.

Help me produce a visual storytelling experience

I am a business leader in a startup that is about to launch a new product/service and need help producing our explainer video, a real-time illustration board to capture key ideas of an executive event or another custom visual experience. Or I am a leader in mid to enterprise level company that is looking to revamp its marketing strategy and is looking for a complete visual storytelling strategy, ranging from high-end presentation, narrative videos, posters, and other customs visual assets (e.g., infographics, augmented reality, virtual reality, transmedia storytelling etc.)

Can you tell me more about your visual storytelling production services?

Learn more about VSI’s Production Studio.

Spreading out the word

Discover ways to promote the power of visual storytelling to your audience that can help you improve their performance. It’s all about reaching new audiences with a fresh message, one story at a time.

How can I share the power of visual storytelling with my audience?

Invite Shlomi Ron to speak at your event, become a guest on our Visual Storytelling Today podcast, or contribute to VSI’s Blog. For other exciting ideas you’d like to share, please contact us.

Select clients

What is Visual Storytelling?

“Visual Storytelling is a marketing strategy that leverages compelling narratives, placing your customer at the heart of the story, staged with an emotional visual media experience and effectively distributed across your buyer’s journey – in order to empower customers’ lives and drive business results.”

-Shlomi Ron

Upcoming live Webinar

Finally! Your master cheat sheet for producing video explainers that will emotionally move your audience, based on our proven visual storytelling framework.

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Recent client testimonials

“Shlomi and the team at the Visual Storytelling Institute did an outstanding job when they helped us develop and produce our ‘Commercial Story’. It proved to be the centre piece of our presentation to the entire leadership at Cable & Wireless setting the direction of the business. But its greatest strength came from the ease with which we could then translate this story into further “bite-sized” stories that could be used to communicate our mission to the frontline teams…something they could relate to. The output was slick but sitting behind it was a lot of late nights, multiple edits, creativity and a tremendous amount of patience. Thanks for your help in making this come to life.”

Shuja Khan
Chief Commercial Officer
Cable & Wireless Communications

“Feedback from the group has been all positive. Everyone both enjoyed the workshop and felt like they got something very valuable. I’m confident that we will put the tools and this new way of thinking into practice in the coming year as we do more with video on our external website and our internal initiatives.”

Anna Weaver
Content Manager
RTI International