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VSI provides business leaders from diverse fields visual storytelling solutions, ranging from strategy to production. Our services can help you solve an immediate challenge or offer you an ongoing Fractional Chief Storyteller Officer – working with your team – to boost your marketings strategy and drive results. 

We serve companies ranging from startups, scale ups, small business to mature mid, and enterprise level global corporations.


What should my brand stand for? Yep, your BIG WHY

Brand Narrative Strategy
People are more than ever looking for brands that first align with their values before engaging. Using our step-by-step Narrative Builder process we help you develop a unique brand narrative with meaningful purpose to differentiate your brand from the competition.

How do I tell effective stories as part of my sales & marketing?

Story Strategy
Leveraging our Story Triangle Creator, we help you craft a visual storytelling strategy that adapts to your customer’s changing needs along the buying journey. From advising on your campaign creatives to your sales pitch decks. This is a six-month program that includes hands-on practice to meet your business objectives.

How do I bring to life my stories with memorable visuals?

Visual Story Design
Our Visual Storytelling Studio is all about helping your create memorable visual stories from concept, research, storyboarding to production. Story formats range from photos, illustrative art, presentations, videos, podcasts to – metaverse strategy, Web3, and NFTs.

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VSI's clients

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“Shlomi and the team at the Visual Storytelling Institute did an outstanding job when they helped us develop and produce our ‘Commercial Story’. It proved to be the centerpiece of our presentation to the entire leadership at Cable & Wireless setting the direction of the business. But its greatest strength came from the ease with which we could then translate this story into further “bite-sized” stories that could be used to communicate our mission to the frontline teams…something they could relate to. The output was slick but sitting behind it was a lot of late nights, multiple edits, creativity, and a tremendous amount of patience. Thanks for your help in making this come to life.”

-Shuja Khan
Chief Commercial Officer
Cable & Wireless Communications


How to tell stories in 3D?

VSI’s first event in the metaverse. Read full story on how to tell stories in 3D.

Cable & Wireless visual storytelling presentation

Cable & Wireless Communications commissioned VSI to bring to life their business strategy in a compelling visual storytelling presentation to motivate and inspire their leadership.

VSI’s immersive story exchange event attracting leaders from around the world on the Spatial metaverse platform.

Cable & Wireless visual storytelling presentation

The Estate of Artist Buky Schwartz commissioned VSI to create a compelling digital catalog of the artist’s key video installations 1977-2002 to drive awareness with museums, galleries and collectors.

Avenue3Miami, a non-profit organization aimed to drive urban transformation, commissioned VSI to create an animated video story to kickoff its #1000MiamiStories program, including the organization’s primary explainer video.