How To Adapt Your Personal & Brand Stories In Uncertain Times?

How to adapt your personal and brand stories in uncertain times?

How To Adapt Your Personal & Brand Stories In Uncertain Times?

How To Adapt Your Personal & Brand Stories In Uncertain Times? 366 222 Shlomi Ron

As we’re all locked down at home for a couple of weeks now to slow down the expansion of the coronavirus pandemic, I realized there is a unique storytelling dynamic at play here that begs the question:

How do you adapt your personal and brand stories in the New Normal? You see, if you let your personal worries take over and the story you tell yourself is negative, how can you expect to tell an inspiring brand story to your employees and customers?

These two stories are closely interconnected.

To unpack this topic, I was excited to have Natalie Kusturic, a Licensed Marriage, And Family Therapist, and Jennifer Hudson, Corporate Communications Strategist at Think Beyond Public Relations – on the recent episode of the Visual Storytelling Today podcast. 

There is nothing I more enjoy than bring together people who come from completely different industries to share their unique perspectives about a topic. You get a much richer harmony of ideas about what’s possible without being locked into one school of thought.

Here are a few questions we discussed:

– As a licensed therapist, what is your advice to people on how to adapt their personal stories while struggling with health, social and economic anxieties?

– As a PR expert, how do companies adapt their brand stories – during these unusual times – when communicating with their employees and customers?

– What are the common misconceptions or mistakes people and brands make these days in trying to adapt to the new normal?

– Can you share 1-2 examples you use with your clients or have seen in the industry that demonstrate the right way to adapt personal and brand stories to corona times? Any useful visual storytelling tools?

– What are your thoughts about how people should update their personal and brand stories post-corona after the lockdown and the prolonged social distancing period is over?

And much more!

Watch the full video recording of this interview:

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