Story Making

Learn how to develop a consistent business story customized to buyer personas and their stage in the buying cycle.

How to Create a Visual Storytelling Language?
How to Create a Visual Storytelling Language? 366 222 Shlomi Ron

What is your visual storytelling language for your brand? First, off I bet you may be wondering… What is a Visual Storytelling language? “A visual storytelling language is a set of rules that define the visual design components and story types a brand uses to create consistent, recognizable and memorable customer experiences across channels in…

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explore vs. exploit in storytelling
Explore vs. Exploit in Storytelling
Explore vs. Exploit in Storytelling 366 222 Shlomi Ron

As this wild year is nearing its end, movies have been an important outlet for all of us to escape and unwind in story land. The US market for streaming services has grown by 37% in 2020, with most of the growth coming from Disney+ which made it the third largest streaming service in the…

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What Makes A Perfect Visual_Story?
What Makes A Perfect Visual Story?
What Makes A Perfect Visual Story? 366 222 Shlomi Ron

With the growing communication noise and the challenge to break through the clutter, businesses have moved from interruption marketing to a more emotional visual storytelling that celebrates the customer as the hero of the story. This process was further amplified by COVID that forced businesses to move their operations virtually and in essence adopt digital…

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Telling stories or storytelling?
Telling Stories vs. Storytelling
Telling Stories vs. Storytelling 366 222 Shlomi Ron

It’s hard to believe but up until the 1990s, real editors validated and distributed information through only four media channels: Print, TV, radio and display. The one-to-many era – although centralized story distribution – has also solidified common truths as everybody largely consumed the same information with minimal audience interaction. Writing letters to your local…

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How Do You "Software-Update" Your Skills?
How do you “software-update” your skills?
How do you “software-update” your skills? 366 222 Shlomi Ron

How do you keep your skills up to date? Or as I’d like to call it “software-update” your skills 🙂 Lately, I’ve been thinking about that. In a world where access to information about any topic is just a click away, you get on one hand convenience, but with the emergence of social media you…

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How To Overcome A Dragon In Today's Business Climate?
How To Overcome A Dragon In Today’s Business Climate?
How To Overcome A Dragon In Today’s Business Climate? 366 222 Shlomi Ron

Every good story needs a conflict to move it forward, right? The “dragon” of our times is no doubt COVID-19 that has wreaked havoc worldwide with 1.14 million lost lives and disrupted economies, resulting in a global unemployment rate that has surpassed 190 million (International Labour Organization). It made me think hard about how businesses react in times of…

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What Is Call To Adventure?
What Is Call To Adventure? 366 222 Shlomi Ron

People often ask me “What made you start the Visual Storytelling Institute (VSI)? It’s a question I am glad to address in my training programs and public talks as it helps frame the purpose of my journey: Why I do what I do. Before I dive in: What is a call to adventure? In business…

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How brands can tell long-form visual stories?
How Brands Can Tell Long-Form Visual Stories?
How Brands Can Tell Long-Form Visual Stories? 366 222 Nina Jacobsen

A long-form video, according to Google, is any video that is longer than 10 minutes.  Due to the rising communication noise, there is a misconception among marketers that your visual stories need to be short and catchy in order to capture people’s attention fast. This is especially true if your goal is to drive brand…

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When Storytelling Meets Geo_Thumb
When Storytelling Meets Geography
When Storytelling Meets Geography 366 222 Shlomi Ron

What do you get when you mix together storytelling and geography? I have recently come across Built Story a new mobile app that’s doing just that: creating self-guided tours where each stop is, in essence, a chapter of a larger story you’re telling about your town or other places you’re visiting. Not only that, but…

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It's the little stories_thumb
It’s the Little Stories
It’s the Little Stories 366 222 Shlomi Ron

It was around 6 PM last Monday in Miami. We were having a pasta dinner with a Sicilian bread I baked. Watching the news on my iPad, while, occasionally, glancing up through the windows, whenever passersby were popping up through our heavy green foliage. We got used to seeing hikers, bikers, and dog walkers. It’s…

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