customer empathy

Let’s Talk about Empathy
Let’s Talk about Empathy 366 222 Shlomi Ron

As visual storytellers we’re always on the look out for stories that will educate/entertain/inspire our audience in order to improve their lives and drive business results, right? But as you well know, regardless of the medium, the road to emotionally move your audience into action typically goes by first establishing empathy. Yep! That critical ability…

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Why meaningful details drive great stories?
What is Total Acuity?
What is Total Acuity? 366 219 Shlomi Ron

What is Total Acuity? “Acuity means sharpness of vision or the ability to perceive details. When your story includes details your audience truly cares about, attention spikes, then emotional empathy builds up that gradually turns into trust and behavior change.” -Shlomi Ron CEO, Visual Storytelling Institute “It just spoke to me” responded an art collector…

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How to Maximize Your Story’s Impact by Celebrating Your Customer Objections
How to Maximize Your Story’s Impact by Celebrating Your Customer Objections 369 217 Shlomi Ron

It’s one of the easiest things to fix, yet most marketers are either not aware or don’t know how to do it right. When you think of the classic 3-act story structure, we typically talk about Setting, Conflict, and Resolution. This is a core DNA of any good story. Setting covers your hero=customer’s life before…

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What is Customer Empathy?
What is Customer Empathy? 369 217 Shlomi Ron

How much do you REALLY know your ideal customer? You may be just starting your business and making the first steps in formalizing your target customer persona, or you have a thriving business and you can easily picture your ideal customer. Hey, that’s easy! It’s Jane who’s been a loyal customer for years. Before we…

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