Why The Devil Is In The Details?
Why The Devil Is In The Details? 366 222 Shlomi Ron

  How can you create a compelling story that celebrates that “sweet spot” between what your brand narrative aims for and what your audience wants and needs, especially these days? In my new book, I talk a lot about the importance of developing this important skill I call Total Acuity. “Acuity means sharpness of vision…

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What is Visual Storytelling Photography?
What is Visual Storytelling Photography? 366 222 Shlomi Ron

  Take a close look at the photo below. What story are you reading? Where does the story take place? When was the photo taken? Who are the protagonist and other characters? Did any particular detail catch your attention? What is the primary emotion you’re sensing? Do you find any particular perspective expressed? These are…

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Why meaningful details drive great stories?
What is Total Acuity?
What is Total Acuity? 366 219 Shlomi Ron

What is Total Acuity? “Acuity means sharpness of vision or the ability to perceive details. When your story includes details your audience truly cares about, attention spikes, then emotional empathy builds up that gradually turns into trust and behavior change.” -Shlomi Ron CEO, Visual Storytelling Institute “It just spoke to me” responded an art collector…

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How to Overcome Stress with Visual Storytelling
How to Overcome Stress with Visual Storytelling 369 217 Shlomi Ron

We all carry worries and anxieties about future events that could go wrong in our lives. When you really unpack what exactly is this worry or stress your mind is producing, you find a simple truth. Stress or worry is in essence, a story we tell ourselves with a bad ending [highlight to tweet]. It’s an…

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