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What is Volumetric Storytelling?
What is Volumetric Storytelling? 366 222 Shlomi Ron

“Volumetric Storytelling is adding that “dimension of you” into the story. It’s very personal because now you are an actor in the story. So, you can be told a story that is presented to you, but a Volumetric Storytelling lets you navigate through the world and use your physical presence as part of the story…

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The Last Screen
The Last Screen 368 217 Cathy Hackl

Watch my video recording on the Visual Storytelling Today show:   On the road? You can also listen to my audio podcast of this episode. Subscribe to the Visual Storytelling Today podcast on iTunes or Google Play Storytelling is going through a transformation. We’re moving away from content that is 2D to content that is 3D,…

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