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With over 5 billion content pieces being published every day, and your audience attention span decreasing to 8 seconds,
it’s time to re-energize your communications with Visual Storytelling!

About Us

As visual information is processed 60,000 times faster than text and human preference to consume information packaged as a story, the Visual Storytelling Institute (VSI) was launched to help companies like you connect better with your audience.
True, there is a ton of other video production firms out there. However, very few know how to develop true visual storytelling experiences that look and feel as stanalone entertainment products, anchored on robust strategic framework.
VSI is the primary think tank that brings the gospel of visual storytelling in the context of marketing  through hands-on training programs, cutting-edge production capabilities and diverse thought leadership programs that place VSI at the #1 position on Google for key visual storytelling terms.
VSI’s Production Studio has a combined experience of over 100 years in producing visual communication and/or managing and consulting marketing for major corporations, nonprofits, and governments. Besides strategic business and marketing experience, VSI network includes visual artists with production credits for shows on major networks, such as BBC, ABC, and TLC and major brands such as Adobe, Apple, HP among others.

Examples & Testimonials


Narrative Animated Explainer Video

Brand Documentary Explainer Video

9 in 10 respondents said a strong narrative or the story behind a presentation
is critical in maintaining audience engagement

-2018 State of Attention Report, Kelton Global

Your Story

If you’re looking to launch a new product or optimize the communication strategy of your existing product lineup, we would be delighted to learn more about your requirements and customize specific solutions to support your objectives. Depending on your requirements our deliverables typically include:
  1. Visual Storytelling Presentation for live presentation to wow investors or your executive leadership. We’ll take your key ideas and overlay them with a compelling metaphorical story and executed through high-end visual illustrations – to maximize clarity and empathy.
  2. Real-Time Illustration Design: A VSI illustrator will attend either in-person or remotely your executive meeting and in real-time translate key ideas your executives discuss into a compelling Visual Storytelling illustration on a board.
  3. Supporting Animated Explainer Video for your homepage, social and internal distribution within your organization.
  4. High-resolution artwork for creating Visual Storytelling Posters in your company’s online/offline employee or customer-facing environments. These omnipresent posters will not only help extend your brand story to foster higher productivity and culture, but they will also enrich your company’s content marketing program.
  5. Data Storytelling Experience that will elevate your team’s monthly reporting into a whole new level, featuring personalized characters supported by native visualizations with short stories behind the numbers.
  6. Branded Entertainment Series that will dramatize real-life events from your business into compelling animated video clips, carving out a tighter relationship with your audience.
  7. Custom visual project to meet your specific business requirements. Formats range from infographics, 360 videos, augmented reality,  virtual reality, transmedia experiences and much more.

Over 70% of every age group reported animated visuals are effective
at keeping an audience engaged

-2018 State of Attention Report, Kelton Global

“The moment your customer can see herself in your story, your story stops being YOUR STORY and becomes YOUR CUSTOMER’S STORY.”

-Shlomi Ron
Co-founder, & CEO at Visual Storytelling Institute