Rise above the noise
with visual business stories

Visual Storytelling workshops to engage your audience and drive sales

Unleash the power of our 9-step MY VISUAL STORY framework
to Boost Your Marketing Results:

My Visual Story Framework


Learn how to develop a consistent business story customized to buyer personas and their stage in the buying cycle.
Outcome: Business narrative statement
around your customer’s challenges.


Learn how to transform the business story into compelling videos and other
visual media formats.
Outcome: Brief video explainer about your product/service.


Learn how to effectively distribute visual stories across channels and influencers to drive awareness and product/service adoption.
Outcome: Your visual story distribution & optimization strategy.

What is visual storytelling?

Visual Storytelling is a marketing strategy that communicates powerful ideas through a compelling story arc, with your customer at the heart of the story, and delivered through interactive and immersive visual media – in order to create profitable customer engagements.”

– Shlomi Ron

Businesses struggle to have their voices heard in today's overcrowded attention economy.

Today's communications landscape is marked by opposing trends

Our Visual Storytelling Workshops focus on improving and executing sales & marketing objectives by developing powerful business stories.

The Internet has experienced a marked shift toward visual communications, through the rapid growth of video and photo sharing, infographics and data visualization, and new technologies including virtual, augmented, and mixed reality. New marketing strategies are needed to break through the cluttered and fragmented communications landscape. Corporate visual storytelling taps into the human brain’s natural preference for visuals over text, particularly in this age of decreasing user attention spans in an overcrowded and commoditized communications landscape.

Our Initiative in the Academic Sector

The Idea Center

VSI team is currently teaching a full-semester Visual Storytelling Xperience (VSX) at The Idea Center at Miami Dade College – one of the hottest innovation hubs in Miami.  Miami-Dade College is the largest university in the US, boasting 165,000 students! VSX is a 12-week course in visual storytelling. But it’s much more than that: It’s an experience. Our results-oriented experiential learning approach provides a deep dive into contemporary visual storytelling best practices. Our approach features practical lessons, frequent guests, hands-on exercises, group activities, peer learning, networking opportunities, project-based learning and much more.

Maximize business growth and learn actionable visual storytelling skills from the experts at the Visual Storytelling Institute

You will learn how to:whatulearn2

  • Maximize your message impact through visuals and corporate storytelling frameworks;

  • Know how to analyze the online competitive marketing landscape and identify the channels, tools, and marketing stories for better engagement;

  • Implement and execute effective visual storytelling strategies to produce business results;

  • Convert your corporate story into a compelling video narrative that will engage your audience to drive behavior change.

Meet Our Instructors

The training team at the Visual Storytelling Institute brings together rich corporate business experience, leading digital transformation at major worldwide corporations and nimble startups.

Co-founder at Visual Storytelling Institute
Shlomi Ron

Shlomi (M.A. in Comms) has over 20 years experience working in digital marketing driving impact at global Fortune 100/500 brands, including IBM, American Express, and Nokia.

Co-founder at Visual Storytelling Institute
Alex de Carvalho

Alex (MBA in Marketing) has over 20 years experience working in global marketing and has an uncanny reputation for forming social and high-tech organizations that drive change.

Managing Partner at Bond St Consulting
Ville Ailio

20 years experience in media and marketing, in the context of the corporate world, cultural institutions, and start-ups. Ville’s passion is producing emerging visual narratives.