Visual Storytelling Presentations

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All these Visual Storytelling Presentations leveraged an overarching narrative metaphor to bring to life the brands larger business narrative. The high-end art capture you see was initially storyboarded, manually illustrated and finally mounted on individual PPT/Keynote slides. The content was used for live presentation, assets for Narrative Animated Video Explainers and for high-resolution Visual Storytelling Posters in employee or customer-facing environments.


Adobe´s Latin America used this Visual Storytelling Presentation during a live keynote partners
event in Costa Rica.


HP used this Visual Storytelling Presentation to convey industry trends.


E-Dea Networks’ Sales & Marketing used this visual story in live presentations and derivative printed assets to present the services that the company offers.


Visual Storytelling Presentation Example: We produced a full Visual Storytelling Presentation for Cable & Wireless leadership team to represent their 2018 business strategy and another Visual Storytelling Presentation for the Customer Service department. Cable & Wireless provides telecommunications services for the Caribbean, Panama and Bahamas markets. The live presentation included visual storytelling from each division (e.g., marketing, customer experience, IT, B2B etc.) – all baked into an overarching metaphor of a cruise ship voyage where the CEO as the cruise ship captain runs into adventures on each Caribbean island with customer-centric mini-stories that vividly illustrated 2017 challenges and strategic moves for 2018. Since this was content for internal use it’s highly confidential and we cannot share it. That said, below you’ll find a raving client testimonial.


Shuja Khan
Chief Commercial Officer
Cable & Wireless Communications

“Shlomi and the team at the Visual Storytelling Institute did an outstanding job when they helped us develop and produce our ‘Commercial Story’. It proved to be the centre piece of our presentation to the entire leadership at Cable & Wireless setting the direction of the business. But its greatest strength came from the ease with which we could then translate this story into further “bite-sized” stories that could be used to communicate our mission to the frontline teams…something they could relate to. The output was slick but sitting behind it was a lot of late nights, multiple edits, creativity and a tremendous amount of patience. Thanks for your help in making this come to life.”