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We are super excited to launch Visual Storytelling Today – our new live video show where every month we interview a notable visual storyteller. Visual Storytelling Today is your #1 source for the latest actionable visual storytelling ideas you can apply to your business today. Tweet them prior to the show to #myVSI

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Below you can watch all of our past shows and read the supporting blog posts:

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369 217 Gavrilo Bozovic

Are you creating videos as part of your marketing strategy? A recent study from Vidyard found that businesses are now creating an average of 18 videos per month. So most likely your are. Especially, if you’re also aware of Cisco’s recent prediction that 84% of Internet traffic will be video by next year. With all…

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Why we do it?

As a business leader, one of your most critical challenges today is rising above the noise. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 50% of small businesses fail within the first four years. CBInsigths lists the top reasons, including: No Market Need (42%), Get Outcompeted (19%), Lack of Business Model (17%), Poor Marketing (14%) – all of which unequivocally indicate that most businesses don’t know how to articulate, visualize and distribute a compelling business story. With this in mind, VSI’s Visual Storytelling Today is designed to bring you the top thought leaders and experts with new ideas and actionable tips you can apply to your business today.

Rise above the noise

What's the format?

Here, at the Visual Storytelling Institute, we believe in the constant pursuit of innovation, while offering a solid value. With this in mind, Visual Storytelling Today is formatted as a monthly 45-minute live video conversation with a notable guest + 10-15 minutes allocated to live Q&A by our attendees. The audio recordings of our live video conversations are then distributed as a standalone podcast and on social to maximize reach and on-the-go engagement. Our audience can also tweet their questions prior and/or during the show by using our official hashtag: #myVSI

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What topics do we cover?

Visual Storytelling Today will cover the biggest pain points marketers and entrepreneurs face when trying to rise above the noise and productively engage with their audiences. The following details select topics we cover across the ecosystem’s 3 categories:

Story Making

Services or on-demand platforms for:
Market Discovery
Goals Setting
Customer persona development
Business story development
Organizational story making
Visual Storyboarding
Visual Grammar

Story Visualizing

Services or on-demand visual production platforms for:
Videos (e.g., tutorials, vlogs, branded Webisodes, 360, drone video etc.)
Images (e.g., Animated GIFs, eCards, Cinemagraphs, Pictograms etc.)
Infographics, Gifogrpahics
Augmented Reality
Virtual Reality
Experience Architecture
Visual IoT

Story Telling

Services or on-demand platforms for:
Visual Calendaring
Asset Management
Visual Social Networks (e.g., Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Vine etc.)
Visual Messaging (e.g., Snapchat, Whatsup, Wechat, emoji)
Social Media Walls
Employee advocacy
Visual Workplace
Proactive and Reactive Engagement
User Generated Storytelling
Story Seeding
Visual Influencer Management
Visual Gamification
Live Streaming
Visual Webinars
Visual Analytics
Command Centers
Data Storytelling

topics we cover

Interested in serving as a guest in our show & wow our audience?

If you’re interested in serving as a guest on our Visual Storytelling Today show, please complete this brief form and a programming team member will get back to you if you meet our criteria and schedule. Our audience is comprised of global marketing professionals that operate on the client or the agency sides with a mandate to represent the customer voice, and entrepreneurs that are looking to make a splash with their new products/services.