Toucan Growth Hacking

Achieve Exponential Growth

70% of all venture-backed companies are failing, and what’s more less than 1% have a chance of becoming a unicorn. The #1 reason for this state, is “no market need.” Translation: no vetted business story that cuts through the clutter (source: CBInsights).

Unleash the power of visual growth hacking

To get big returns, your marketing must address your customer’s real pain point. Your message must align with their objectives in a way that stands out. In today’s crowded advertising and social media space, any type of growth marketing must harness the power of visuals, from images to videos to augmented reality. That’s why we are excited about the first visual marketing for growth program, Toucan Growth Hacking. With our step-by-step visual growth hacking processes, tools, and techniques you’ll learn to apply to your business, you’ll soon stand out and soar above the rest.

What you'll learn

Why my audience should care? > Market & Customer Validation

Learn how to develop a consistent business story customized to your buyer personas’ vetted challenges and their stage in the buying cycle. You’ll get a unique business story, built around your customer’s real pain point, which will allow your audience to emotionally connect like never before with your product.

How do I wow my audience? > Visual Staging

Learn how to transform your business story into compelling videos and other visual media formats as the communication landscape is becoming more visual. You’ll get a compelling video explainer that will help your product to stand out in a sea of me-too plays.

How my audience will find my product? > Marketing

Learn how to effectively launch your go-to-market strategy across channels and influencers to drive awareness and product adoption. You’ll get a content marketing strategy that is adapted to your buyers’ stage in the journey and the channel experience they hang out on, both online and offline.

How will I grow my audience faster? > Market Scale

Learn how to leverage the most agile and cross-functional growth hacks for maximum impact, by using the latest technology, guided experimentation, and automated processes. You’ll get an express lane to grow your company, leveraging the latest growth hacks

Co-founder at Visual Storytelling Institute
Shlomi Ron

Shlomi (M.A. in Comms) has over 20 years experience working in digital marketing driving impact at global Fortune 100/500 brands, including IBM, American Express, and Nokia.

Co-founder at Visual Storytelling Institute
Alex de Carvalho

Alex (MBA in Marketing) has over 20 years experience working in global marketing and has an uncanny reputation for forming social and high-tech organizations that drive change.

Managing Partner at Bond St Consulting
Ville Ailio

20 years experience in media and marketing, in the context of the corporate world, cultural institutions, and start-ups. Ville’s passion is producing emerging visual narratives.