About VSI

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The Power of Visual Storytelling


Innate effectivenessof visual content

Visuals are processed 60,000 times faster
than text by the human brain and 90%
of information transmitted to the brain is visual
(source: 3M).


The rise ofthe``Visual Web``

71% of users are now accessing social
media from a mobile device, which unleashes
massive content production and consumption
(source: Adobe).


People respond betterto visual content

Viewers are 85% more likely to
purchase a product after
watching a product video.
(source: Internet Retailer).

“AND, BUT…THEREFORE: Every story can be reduced to this single structure.”
– Randy Olson

Our Story


VSI was born in a landscape, marked by increases in visual content consumption AND production, empowered by the human brain’s innate processing preference for visuals over text, BUT mired by rapidly decreasing user attention span. These opposing trends, leave businesses of any size struggling to have their voices heard in today’s overcrowded and commoditized attention economy. This “negative floor” per Robert McKee, was VSI’s call for adventure.


THEREFORE, to address the growing divide between communications and attention the Visual Storytelling Institute (VSI) was founded as the primary think tank dedicated to Visual Storytelling, leveraging 2 native mechanisms we all possess: 1) The human brain processes visuals much faster than text. And 2) People respond better to information packaged as stories. Our mission is to build a new ecosystem, supported by the first platform designed to help business leaders combine the power of storytelling with the effectiveness of visual media – in order to empower customers’ lives and drive business results.

What we Do

The Visual Storytelling Institute (VSI) is the only visual literacy think tank that helps business leaders combine the power of storytelling with the effectiveness of visual media – in order to create profitable customer engagements. VSI provides visual storytelling workshops, one-on-one coaching featuring My Visual Story Framework, conferences and thought leadership to consult business leaders on how to articulate, visualize and distribute their BIG stories.


On-demand speaking engagements and conferences featuring expert speakers, case studies, and actionable tips businesses could apply today.

Thought Leadership

Access to latest and greatest thought leadership and research on future disruptions, trends, guides and point of views.


In-person workshops, live Webinars and consulting services to drive your visual storytelling strategy and objectives.

Public Advocacy

Working with media influencers as a visual storytelling advocacy platform, and setting visual standards to help shape the industry.

Topics we Cover

Story Making

Market Discovery
Goals Setting
Customer persona development
Business story development
Organizational story making
Visual Storyboarding
Visual Grammar

Story Visualizing

Videos (e.g., tutorials, vlogs, branded Webisodes, 360, drone video etc.)
Photos (e.g., Animated GIFs, eCards, Cinemagraphs, Pictograms etc.)
Infographics, Gifogrpahics
Augmented Reality
Virtual Reality
Experience Architecture
Visual IoT

Story Telling

Visual Calendaring
Asset Management
Visual Social Networks (e.g., Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Vine etc.)
Visual Messaging (e.g., Snapchat, Whatsup, Wechat, emoji)
Social Media Walls
Employee advocacy
Visual Workplace
Proactive and Reactive Engagement
User Generated Storytelling
Story Seeding
Visual Influencer Management
Visual Gamification
Live Streaming
Visual Webinars
Visual Analytics
Command Centers
Data Storytelling