VSI International Live Webinars program

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Why we do it?

As part of VSI’s global outreach, VSI launched CineMarketing, a FREE live Webinar series in collaboration with ML Visual Storytelling agency in Rome, Italy. The program is designed to educate Italian-speaking business leaders on how to apply visual lessons from classic Italian cinema to empower their visual storytelling marketing strategies. To read the full backstory of this program, read our blog post: How to turn your side hustle into part of your BIG STORY.

What's the format?

Here, at the Visual Storytelling Institute, we believe in the constant pursuit of innovation, looking at the world through other cultural lenses, while offering a solid value. With this in mind, CineMarketing is formatted as a monthly FREE 30-45 minute live video presentation in Italian + 10-15 minutes allocated to live Q&A by our attendees. Our audience can also tweet their questions prior and/or during the show by using our official hashtag: #CinMarketing

What topics do you cover?

CineMarketing FREE live Webinar series offers Italian-speaking business leaders with a powerful cinematic + visual storytelling framework to apply to their business. Each episode covers one act of the 3-act story structure (i.e., Setting, Conflict, and Resolution), demonstrating a visual principle from a classic Italian film, parallel examples from visual storytelling campaigns and actionable tips.

topics we cover