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Visual Storytelling Summit 2016
Insights from Visual Storytelling Summit 2016
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It was our first Summit in partnership with The Idea Center at Miami-Dade College, dedicated to a topic that is mostly discussed in the context of entertainment and photography. Yes, there have been some discussions about visual storytelling in the context of marketing, but they tend to revolve around how to run an effective Instagram…

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viral video
Tracing Success Drivers of a Viral Video
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By now you have already seen the “Chewbacca Mom” video that has pushed the video of Candace Payne, a stay-at-home mom from Texas into the limelight. But what are the visual storytelling drivers that contributed to its insane success? First, here is the video in case you missed it: Original video made just for friends…

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16 Ways to Boost Your Video Storytelling Strategy – Part 2
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When I first thought about video storytelling as a topic for this post, I figured I’ll do a top-10 list and that should cover it. Little did I know that “video well” is much deeper and I was able to extract 16 video storytelling tactics! So if you followed my part 1 post, the following…

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16 Ways to Boost Your Video Storytelling Strategy – Part 1
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According to Merriam-Webster, the word video – in case you wondered – is with us since 1937 and originated from the Latin word videre ‘to see.’ So video is translated into ‘I see,’ following the same pattern of Audio – ‘I hear.’ With the increase in broadband and wireless speed and the mass adoption of…

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